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Malcom Bennett, UK – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "An invaluable opportunity to learn about a wide range of new root processes, mechanisms and experimental approaches."Talk title: Uncovering how roots sense soil stresses using hormone signals

Franciska de Vries, The Netherlands  – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "Looking forward to seeing the entire breath of root ecology research and meet new people."Talk title: Going underground: How root-microbe interactions affect ecosystem functioning under climate change

Feike Dijkstra, Australia  – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "I am excited to learn about the latest advances in research on roots and their environment."Talk title: On roots and carbon

Amelia Henry, Philippines (USA) – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "This meeting will be a great chance to strengthen the links between upstream and applied root research."Talk title: How does root biology fit into a rice breeding program?

Mathieu Javaux, Belgium / Germany: – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "I expect the ISRR conference to provide me the opportunity to listen to inspiring talks of established and young scientists, and inspire innovative ideas!"Talk title: How do soil hydraulic properties affect roots under water-limited conditions?

Klaus Schläppi, Switzerland  – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "Latest update on microbiome applications towards sustainable Agriculture."Talk title: Successful predicting of crop yield changes following field inoculations with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Fang-Jie Zhao, China  – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "A great opportunity to learn from researchers working on different aspects of plant roots and the rhizosphere."Talk title: Mechanisms of heavy metal uptake, detoxification and how roots avoid heavy metal stress

Tim Brodribb, Australia:  – thoughts on ISRR 2024: "As a relative newcomer to examining life below ground I am excited to learn from this learned underground community."

Talk title: Soil or roots? What imposes the main limit to plant water use?

Jennifer Pett-Ridge, USA


International Society of Root Research 12th International Symposium

Roots [& Roads] to a sustainable future     12 ISRR 2024

UFZ | Leipziger KUBUS

2–7 June 2024

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