Posters should have the format DIN A0 portrait. Only 1 display wall is available per poster. The posters will be sorted by topic and numbered. Corresponding lists will be displayed in the conference office.


[List of Posters as download]





During ISRR 12th, we will have three poster sessions; they will take place Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please note that all posters are just for the day they are scheduled.


Poster presenters are asked to stay at their poster during the respective poster session in order to  discuss their results with the participants.


We will have poster prizes for each session (1st 200 Euros, 2nd 150 Euros, 3rd 100 Euros) sponsored by ISRR. The scoring sheet which will also be used by the poster Jury can be downloaded here.

It is supposed to serve poster presenters as a guide line for creating a high quality poster attracting the attention of participants.


Scoring sheet (PDF)      Scoring sheet (Excel)


The nine poster prizes will be handed over on Friday after the plenary discussion.


International Society of Root Research 12th International Symposium

Roots [& Roads] to a sustainable future     12 ISRR 2024

UFZ | Leipziger KUBUS

2–7 June 2024

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Permoserstraße 15

04318 Leipzig | Germany

Phone +49 (0)341 235 2264

12isrr2024 (at)

Note on data protection:


It is possible that photographs or films may be taken at our events and that the press may be present. More detailed information is available on request and on site at the event.